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There are numerous activities to enjoy on the Sandhill Ranch in addition to hunting native Texas wildlife.  Don’t hesitate to consider the Sandhill Ranch for these “other” outdoor adventures: 

Texas has an incredible assortment of birds - 628 species to be exact.  This makes our state one of the top states in the U.S. for bird watching.  Many of these species can be sighted on the Sandhill Ranch.  Sighting or hearing the resident bobwhite, morning dove, red-shouldered hawk, yellow-bellied sapsucker or the migratory sandhill crane or hooded merganser make for a satisfying field trip.  You’ll certainly have an opportunity to increase your birding life list on the Sandhill Ranch. 

Day or overnight camping is available on the river or ranch.  You can hear the coyotes howl at sundown and awake with the sound of the bobwhite quail in the morning.  Surround yourself with nature and relax at your campsite. The remoteness of the ranch guarantees you complete privacy and your only companions can be our native wildlife. 

The Sandhill Ranch is privately owned; thus, there are no public roads traversing our properties.  Hike to your heart’s content on game trails, ranch roads, or strike out and make your own path through the Panhandle wilderness.  The vistas at various locations on the ranch are worth the effort and encourage you to take a break from you hiking to relax and enjoy the landscape. 

Photography isn’t about tools and technology.  It’s about life. And the Sandhill Ranch provides you with unlimited opportunities to capture life in unsurpassed beauty.  Whether you are trying to capture a majestic sunset, the full bloom of a spring flower, or an allusive white-tailed deer, Sandhill Ranch will give you that opportunity.  The language of photography speaks volumes on the Sandhill Ranch.    

Horseback riding
Ride off into the sunset on the Sandhill Ranch.  Riding trails and dirt roads are all you will find on the Sandhill Ranch so don’t look for concrete or paved surfaces as you and your favorite mount explore our 8000 acres of Panhandle splendor.  Group and individual rides are available for you to enjoy the unspoiled grandeur of Texas.  Guests are asked to provide food for their personal horses as animals grow accustomed to a specific diet.  

You will find the Sandhill Ranch will surpass your expectations when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors this area of Texas offers. Contact us today to reserve the Sandhill Ranch for your next adventure.

The price for using the Sandhill Ranch Lodge for these activities is: $100 per day per person (guests bring food and prepare own meals); or $150 per day per person

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