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The price for a 3 day/2 night quail hunt package is $1800 (includes lodging and meals).

The bobwhite quail thrive on Sandhill Ranch. The native brush and cactus, fence rows, and row corps, and open fields provide excellent cover, food, and protection to this important game bird. Because of the diverse terrain on the Sandhill Ranch, our quail hunts demand a varied approach. The open fields and row crops of the ranch allow a classic hunt behind well-trained bird dogs. However, the steep sand hills and thick cactus require the hunt to progress safari style in a vehicle. Regardless how you advance your hunt, you are likely to see 15-20 coveys of native bobwhite quail during your day.

Hunters may use their personal dogs or may request a professional dog trainer and his dogs. Either way, you are in for an exciting day of superb quail hunting.

You won’t be disappointed.

(You are requested to wear blaze orange for safety reasons.)


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